Gulliver's Travels: Part 2, Chapter 7 - Summary

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      Gulliver being a true patriotic sort was deeply hurt by the unfavorable comments of the king about his native land. He avoided answering the questions that revealed the hypocrisy and vanity of the ruling classes of Europe. Besides, he tried to comment on the ignorance and narrow-mindedness of the king to cover the spots of his own country; To please the king, Gulliver offered to make gunpowder which could blast giant rebels if ever they rose against his majesty or could help the king to besiege any city; He also explained how his own country destroyed many enemy forces by means of this gunpowder. The king was horrified at such an inhuman concept and warned Gulliver not to make any such offer if he wanted to stay alive. The reaction of the king was strange to Gulliver and he was not able to appreciate this highly moralistic decision, besides he assumed it to be a decision born out of the desolate state of this kingdom, since, he could not imagine that any king of Europe could ever let go of such a great offer. For the king, the man who discovered gunpowder had a very malicious genius and he believed that one who could grow corn on a barren land had better genius. Gulliver found their learning as defective and limited to morality, history, poetry and mathematics. The laws of the country were expressed in a very plain and simple manner. The people knew printing. A big ladder was made for Gulliver so that he could read their books by walking miles across each page. The king had an army of one hundred thirty-two thousand horse soldiers (cavalry) which was assembled to crush the civil wars that troubled the kingdom in the past. The grandfather of the king had first assembled such an army and crushed all the civil wars of his times.

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