Gulliver's Travels: Part 2, Chapter 8 - Summary

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      The author who was always dreaming and longing to see his motherland, was horrified to learn that the king wanted to arrange a wife for Gulliver of Gullivers size so that he could propagate his breed. Gulliver did not want to father such children who would be caged and tamed as canary birds. Although he was treated with utmost care and affection, his domestic bonds dragged his heart towards his native land. After staying for two years in Brobdingnag, Gulliver got the opportunity to return to his native land. The king and the queen visited the south-coast of the kingdom and Gulliver accompanied them in his traveling box. Gulliver asked a page to take him to the shore on the pretext of having fresh air. Glumdalclitch who was ill and could not accompany him, gave her consent with a heavy heart. It seems that she had an intuition of what was to happen. On the shore, while the page was away, an eagle flew away with the travel box carrying Gulliver.

      The box was dropped into the vast sea by accident. Fortunately, the box was discovered by the crew of an English ship. The author being accustomed to speaking loudly was considered an insane person by the captain as well as his crew but Gulliver’s brief account along with the evidences, later forced them to realize the truth of his strange story. After returning home, it took him a few days to get accustomed to all the things around since all things seemed to him very little and the people starved as he had seen only giant people, trees, birds and animals for the last two years.

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