Gulliver's Travels: Part 2, Chapter 6 - Summary

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      The king, according to the custom of the country, shaved only twice a week. Gulliver, using the strongest stumps of hair taken from a barber, made a comb by stitching them into a wooden piece. Later he made beautiful wooden chair frames and a purse using the combings of the queen. These he presented to the queen who kept them in her cabinet. He also made a purse with the queens hairs for Glumdalclitch. The author also entertained the royal court with his skills on a spinet but it was very tiresome for him as he had to run a mile on the keys of the instrument to complete his musical tune. The king who was a keen learner, asked several questions to Gulliver about Europe, its politics and its government. Gulliver provided very detailed information about the politics, government and history of his native land in a very proud manner. The king made many queries to understand how the nobles were educated to keep them away! from the greed of bribes and how it was ensured that an appointment was not a wrongly influenced one. The king was shocked to learn that Gullivers country maintained a paid, standing army even in peacetime and spent a huge amount on its maintenance. Finally the king observed that Gulliver’s race was the most harmful race of little creeping creatures that were ever born on the surface of the earth.

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