Character of Author in the Short Story The Lotus Eater

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      In the short story The Lotus Eater William Somerset Maugham is the principal narrator here. The role of the author is immense. The entire story is told the narrator himself that is author. At the same time as he performs as a character in the story. It is mainly the author who has heard about the peculiar habit and choice of Thomas Wilson. He is strange life grows as a superb curiosity in the heart of the poet. It is primarily the author narrates how he fines Thomas Wilson, how he has the change and opportunity to be acquitted with extra ordinary and odd choice of the man. Thomas Wilson is the best describe through the mouth of the first person narrator that is Maugham himself. The author realise the peculiar choice taken Wilson and because he is attracted towards the man and so he narrates with full shades and colours.

In the short story The Lotus Eater William Somerset Maugham is the principal narrator here.
The Lotus Eater

      The author met Wilson after a long gap of 13 years and found Wilson in a miserable condition, without any income. He could not commit suicide and the author see him wondering into miserable conditions of life. Though Wilson was found enjoying the nature, but hiding himself from the people. Finally he has become a complete insane and psychological wreck. And one day he was found dead. This is how we can see that the author perform the significant role of narrating the entire story with minute details. Here lies the significant of the character of the author as a narrator in the story.

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