Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 38 - Summary & Analysis

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      Summary. Having concluded a six weeks’ visit, Elizabeth and Maria leave the Collinses, after Mr. Collins has impressed on them the gratitude they should feel towards Lady Catherine and her daughter for their kindness. Within four hours of leaving Hunsford they reach Mr. Gardiner’s house, where they are to remain for a few days. Jane is to return to Longbourn with them and Elizabeth resolves to postpone telling her sister about Darcy’s proposal until they are home again.

      Critical Analysis. Mr. Collins is as obsequious and fawing as always. He thanks Elizabeth for staying with them and points out too that they have all been happy because of Lady Catherine’s patronage.

      Elizabeth is more mature and less prejudiced as she leaves Hunsford as she has learned much about herself during her stay. In comparison to the hectic and eventful happenings of the last few chapters, this chapter is a sort of resting point. Nothing much happens except Elizabeth leaving Hunsford and reaching the Gardiner’s house. The journey itself is uneventful and made in silence.

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