Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 39 - Summary & Analysis

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      Summary. Jane and Elizabeth meet their sisters Kitty and Lydia, who are waiting for them at the inn, to which Mr. Bennet has sent his carriage to meet them. They sit down to lunch and Lydia tells them that Miss King has gone to Liverpool to get away from Wickham. On the drive to Longbourn, the younger Bennet girls regale their sisters with stories of their parties and jokes. They arrive home and are welcomed by their parents and the Lucases, who are anxious for news of Charlotte. Elizabeth dreads meeting Wickham and is pleased to hear that his regiment is to be moved in a fortnight’s time. The regiment is to be encamped near Brighton and Mrs. Bennet and the younger girls want Mr. Bennet to take his family there for the summer. Mr. Bennet has no intention of acceding to this request.

      Critical Analysis. Elizabeth dreads meeting Wickham on returning to Longbourn. She is therefore, relieved to learn that his regiment is moving to Brighton in a fortnight.

      The news that Wickham is now free is important. There is something ominous in Elizabeth’s realization during the conversation that “there was no escaping the frequent mention of Wickham’s name” Considering Lydia's silliness, Elizabeth has more reason for not wanting to see Wickham than she suspects.

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