Pride and Prejudice: Chapter 37 - Summary & Analysis

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      Summary. Darcy and his cousin leave Rosings the next morning. Mr. Colons waits near the lodge to make obsequious farewells, after which he hastens to console Lady Catherine and her daughter. To the great satisfaction of the parsonage, he brings back a message from Lady Catherine inviting them all to dine with her. Lady Catherine is as dictatorial as ever and argues with Elizabeth over her intention to return home sooner than she had originally intended. Elizabeth has studied every sentence in Darcy’s letter and knows it all by heart. Her feelings towards him are now mixed. She thinks about Darcy’s allegation that her family lacks decorum; is rather depressed and feels concern for her sister Jane.

      Critical Analysis. Elizabeth is now willing to admit that Jane’s blighted romance is largely due to the Bennet family, and not due to Darcy’s interference. The chapter reveals Elizabeth growing painfully, in another direction; she possesses that knowledge that pains us all—the knowledge that our immediate family is not perfect.

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