Paradise Lost Book 9: Line 1042-1045 - Summary

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      The eating of the forbidden fruit inflames intense carnal desire in Adam and Eve and they indulge wantonly in lecherous passion.

      Before the fall Adam and Eve had enjoyed sex without any sense of guilt or lechery. It had been an expression of their great love and satiated them. But now it took the form of lust—a seal of mutual guilt which they indulged in to prevent themselves from feeling the weight of their guilty sin. This lustful passion wearied them unlike their love making earlier which used to refresh them and they fall asleep exhausted in the dewy night. But their sleep too is different from the innocent slumbers they have enjoyed so far. The sleep is oppressing and they get up from it more exhausted than before. It is when they wake up that they realize the enormity of the sin they have committed and that innocence has given place to darkened minds and guilty shame.

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