Paradise Lost Book 9: Line 997-1001 - Summary

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      These lines differentiate between the Fall of Eve and that of Adam. Eve succumbs to the guile and flattery of the serpent and eats the forbidden fruit believing that it would confer knowledge which would make her equal to God. Adam on the other hand is not deceived by the lying words of the serpent which are repeated to him by Eve. His decision to eat the fruit is prompted by his deep love for Eve which makes him want to share with her in misery as well as in happiness. This seems a laudable motive but from the theological points of view he commits a grave crime because he contravenes God’s command knowingly in addition to having failed in his duty of restraining Eve from working alone.
Overcome by his love for Eve and her female charms, Adam too eats the fruit and earth and nature tremble and groan a second time at this Fall of Adam.

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