Paradise Lost Book 9: Line 1059-1064 - Summary

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      The effect of the forbidden fruit is to inflame their passions and their innocence is lost leaving them naked and exposed to guilty shame. Awaking from the disturbed slumber after their amorous play they are in a state of despair and are afraid of the divine punishment that is to overcome them.

      Adam and Eve are compared to Samson and Delilah in these lines. Samson, strong like Hercules, the Greek hero, owed his invincibility to the power that resided in his hair. The Philistine Delilah whom he had married persuaded him to tell him the secret of his strength and cut off his hair during his sleep. Samson woke up to find that he had lost his Herculean strength. Similarly, Adam and Eve wake up shorn of all their virtue and glory. They had been just below the angels in the hierarchy of creation but after the fall they are sinful creatures prey to death and suffering. For a long time Adam and Eve sit dazed and silent and then Adam expresses his mental torment and anguish by accusing Eve of having disobeyed him and gone out alone foolishly complacent about her power to resist temptation. Thus, now though their eyes are opened, their minds are darkened and they are devoid of their natural virtue, honor and righteousness.

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