Gulliver's Travels: Part 4, Chapter 5 - Summary

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      As the author improves his tongue in the language of the natives his discourses with his master increase. The various conversations enable the master to learn more deeply about the whole state of Europe. Here the author comments on the bloody wars in Europe, and their various illogical and cruel motives. He draws the attention of the readers to the ridiculous causes of the bloodiest wars. The treachery among the princes, the vanity of the ruling class, the corrupt ministers and the greedy neighboring countries, all are criticized satirically. Further, the author describes the job of a soldier who is hired to kill others of his species with whom he has no personal enmity. The master wonders how with so little physical strength human beings can fight wars. The author now endeavors to describe the use of some war weapons that human beings use to destroy one another. To divert from such a loathsome topic, the master desires to learn about those ruinous lawsuits that compelled many of the author’s crewmen to leave their country; Next, the author generously entertains the readers with various examples to understand the breed of lawyers, judges and pleaders. He lavishly comments on the futility of those laws that can be easily stretched and twisted to acquire the desired results for the corrupt and the powerful. The chapter ends with the authors remarks on the uselessness of lawyers in all other trades other than law.

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