Gulliver's Travels: Part 4, Chapter 4 - Summary

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      The author enables the reader to analyze the Houyhnhnms’ conception of the use of language. The master horse feels uneasy to hear the account provided by the author but cannot doubt or disbelieve his words as these creatures are not familiar with the idea of! untruth. On the assertion of the author that Yahoo is the presiding race in his country, the master asks him if there are Houyhnhnms in his country. The author tells him about the work and lives of horses in his country. The master is amazed and shocked that a weak Yahoo can dare to ride on the back of a Houyhnhnm. The author has no words to explain the noble resentment of the master at the savage treatment towards Houyhnhnms. The author gives a brief account of his birth, the ruling authority of England and his fateful voyage. The author also furnishes the details of those sinister crewmen whom he had recruited after the death of many of his former crewmen. Here the author elaborates the nature of various crimes and their motives. The author tries his best to enable the master to understand the greed of power and riches. To the satisfaction of the author the master horse finally begins to understand the true nature of human beings, especially those who live in England. The master desires him to provide a particular account of Europe and especially England.

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