Gulliver's Travels: Part 4, Chapter 6 - Summary

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      The chapter begins with the continuation of the previous discourse. The master is perplexed to learn about the crooked practices of the lawyers. He is not able to understand the motive behind such practices. The author explains the importance of a precious substance (money) that these lawyers get out of such practices. He further elaborates on the use of money. His depiction of the avarice of the human race is enriched with various illustrations that he cites with a purpose to make it easy for the master to understand the value of money for the people of Europe and England. The motive behind various voyages is presented in a satirical manner. Further, the author points at the crookedness of his own profession. Being a surgeon, the author knows better about the nature of his profession than anyone else. He ridicules the generally acknowledged fundamental philosophy behind all diseases. He also mentions reasons why though human beings fall sick Houyhnhnms never fall sick. The author proceeds by commenting on the cunning predictions of the doctors. After revealing the true character of the physicians the author now focuses on the government of England. He exposes die true colours of a chief minister. He points at those evil practices that are frequent among politicians to acquire powerful political positions. The chapter closes with the unveiling of corruption and degeneration of the noble classes of England.

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