Gulliver's Travels: Part 1, Chapter 5 - Summary

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      As per his assurance, Gulliver dragged 50 of Blefuscu’s largest men-of-war to the shore of Lilliput, thwarting the enemy’s plan of attacking Lilliput. The emperor was greatly impressed and rewarded Gulliver with the highest title—Nardac. Now the emperor wanted Gulliver to bring the rest of the warships of the enemy to his port so that Blefuscu could, be reduced to a mere colony and all the exiled Big-endians who broke the egg on the big end could be compelled to break the egg from the small end.

      Gulliver, unwilling to be instrumental in bringing a brave and free people into slavery refused to entertain this wish of his emperor. The emperor felt offended. The embassy came from Blefuscu with a peace proposal. They were told about the big favor done to them by Gulliver. This earned Gulliver great praise from them and. an invitation to Blefuscu which he readily accepted. Gulliver asked the emperor’s permission to visit Blefuscu which the emperor granted him reluctantly. Meanwhile, Gulliver learned about the opposition being formed against him in the royal court that was poisoning the ears of his highness. Later, Gulliver was compelled, by circumstances to extinguish the fire blazing in the queen's chamber and threatening to destroy the entire palace, by the discharge of his urine. This event made the queen his avowed enemy.

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