Gulliver's Travels: Part 1, Chapter 4 - Summary

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      After getting liberty from the thick chain that coiled his left leg Gulliver wished to visit the metropolis. For the fear of being trampled, the residents were advised to stay indoors. The city was five hundred, feet square with a thick wall surrounding it. The population of the city was about five thousand. It was a well-planned and beautiful city with colorful gardens and tall trees. Since the emperor wanted Gulliver to see his palace, two big wooden stools were created by Gulliver to enter the palace.

      A few days later, Reldresal, the secretary of private affairs, visited Gulliver and told him about the two major threats that were troubling their kingdom for a long time. First, he explained about the two major classes of Lilliput—the high heels and the low heels.

      He told Gulliver that people who wore low heels belonged to the Slamecksan faction while people wearing high heels belonged to Tramecksan. The emperor had employed low heels in his administration and himself wore both low and high heels and therefore hobbled a little.

      Reldresal also told him about the threat of invasion from another powerful kingdom Blefuscu where a large number of exiled rebellious groups of Lilliput were taking refuge. The conflict began years ago when the grandfather of the emperor ordered all the Lilliputians to break the egg from the little end. Many people considered it as an insult to the fundamental doctrine of their great prophet and continued to break the egg from the big end. There were many rebellions and these were constantly fomented by the kings of Blefuscu. Gulliver assured Reldresal of every possible help from his end even at the cost of his life.

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