Gulliver's Travels: Part 1, Chapter 3 - Summary

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      By now Gulliver has learned a good deal about the language and culture of the Lilliputians with the help of those six teachers who were appointed by the emperor to educate him in the language and customs of the kingdom.

      The good behavior of Gulliver had also built the trust of the emperor and the general public in his favor. The emperor now invited Gulliver to entertain him by showing him a diversion. Diversions were entertaining competitive shows where the candidates showed their high skills to gain favors and ranks from the emperor. The candidate who won the competition got the blue strip. Even the ministers participated in this competition to prove the sharpness of their skills. Gulliver also invented one diversion using his handkerchief. The emperor and the courtiers enjoyed it a lot.

      A few days later, the Lilliputians discovered Gulliver’s lost hat. The emperor took a fancy of diverting himself by ordering Gulliver to stand straight stretching his legs as under and let the troops march under him.

      It was now time to grant Gulliver his most cherished liberty. With the majority in the council of ministers and the Emperor himself favouring Gulliver, the agreement of his liberty was designed by Skyresh Bolgolam, the natural enemy of Gulliver. According to the agreement, Gulliver was bound to help Lilliput during wars and other important occasions such as repairing huge buildings, surveying surrounding lands and delivering urgent messages. On the acceptance of these conditions, Gulliver was granted liberty along with food and drinks sufficient for 1724 Lilliputians.

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