The Return of The Native: Book 5, Chapter 1 - Summary

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CHAPTER I: Wherefore Is Light Given to Him that Is In Misery


      Three weeks after die funeral Humphry comes to ask about the condition of Clym who was mentally not well but slightly improving. It is through Humphry we come to know about the sickness of Clym. He is still lamenting over the death of his mother and his heartlessness towards her. He is not aware of the fact that Eustacia played a major role in Mrs. Yeobright's death.

      Thomasin visits Clym's house to meet him. She is expected to leave the Inn with Wildeve in a few months. It was Wildeve who brought her to Clym's place and will take her back to the Inn. Eustacia tells him that she will not tell the truth to Clym and asks him when should she reveal the truth. He replies that she will have to wait until Clym recovers from the illness. He advises her not to tell anybody that he was there when Mrs. Yeohright knocked at the door. She returns to Clym and Thomasin comes downstairs.

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