The Return of The Native: Book 4, Chapter 8 - Summary

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CHAPTER VIII: Eustacia Hears of Good Fortune and Beholds Evil


      Eustacia was considerably depressed by the incidents. Unable to bear loneliness, she decides to go out to meet Clym as he returning from Blooms-End. When she goes out she meets her grandfather at her own gate, who reveals that Wildeve has inherited a fortune of eleven hundred pounds from an uncle in Canada. The fortune of Wildeve does not make her happy. She is frustrated by the realization that he could have taken her away from the Heath. Crowded with these thoughts she sits down on a stone near the side of the path forgetting her destination. Suddenly Wildeve appears and sits down beside her. She tells him about the troubles which Mrs. Yeobright has created. He reveals his plans to travel around the world. He then bends to kiss her hand. Thereafter they go to a previously deserted hut as light was coming out of it. When they reache the hut they find Clym, his mother and the villagers. They learn that the doctor does not hold out much hope for Mrs. Yeobright's life. More than the bite of the adder, it is her state of exhaustion which is draining her life away. At that moment, Johny Nunsuch reveals that it is clear who is responsible for her death. Eustacia then laments on her own evil-doings and hasily parts from Wildeve. When she turns back after walking a long distance, she can see a procession of people walking by the light of a lantern towards Blooms-End.

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