The Return of The Native: Book 4, Chapter 7 - Summary

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CHAPTER VII: The Tragic Meeting of Two Old Friends


      While sleeping Clym had a dream in which he took Eustacia to his mother's house. But when they arrived, they could not get inside. They could, hear the crying for help. He woke up with the plan to go to his mother's house that evening.

      On the way to Blooms-End, he heard a sound of moaning which he finds to be of his mother's as she is lying near the road. He seeks help and soon returns with a group of villagers. The doctor soon arrives and even before that the villagers find that she has been bitten by an adder. Someone suggests to them an old remedy until the doctor arrives that of frying some adders and rubbing the fat on the bite. Sam, one of the villagers kills some adders, and prepares the potion and Clym tenderly applies it to his mother's foot.

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