The Return of The Native: Book 4, Chapter 6 - Summary

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CHAPTER VI: A Conjuncture, and Its Result Upon the Pedestrian


      Wildeve, in the guise of a relative has come to the house since Venn has foiled his plan of visiting Eustacia. So it is by coincidence that Yeobright and Wildeve meet each other. Wildeve whispers, but Eustacia states that he need not do so as her servant has gone on a round and Clym is inside. She cannot keep herself from contrasting Wildeve with her husband. Unlike Clym, he dressed like a gentleman. While they were talking to each other, Mrs. Yeobright knocks at the door. They hear Clym stirring from his sleep and going to open the door and Eustacia and Wildeve move to the rear entrance. Then she decides to wait till Clym calls her. Hearing nothing she hurries to the door to open it. But she doesn't find any one there.

      Mrs. Yeobright was on her way back thinking that his son had purposefully shut the door against her. On the way she got a child, Johney Nunsuch, as her companion. After a while she was tired and sat down to rest. But the boy pressed her to go on. She asks him to tell his mother that he had seen a broken-hearted woman cast off by her son. She was so much dejected. She wished to get freedom from all earthly bonds when she saw a heron flying above her toward the sun.

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