The Return of The Native: Book 4, Chapter 5 - Summary

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CHAPTER V: The Journey Across the Heath


      Mrs. Yeobright sets out towards her son's home on a hot day in August. The heat makes walking difficult for the old lady. She is not sure about the way and finally, she asks for directions from a laborer. He sends her to a furze-cutter who too is going to the same place. She goes along with him. He appears to be an individual who had never known anything other than the life of a furze-cutter. Suddenly, she finds that he is like her husband, almost at the same moment she realizes that the furze-cutter is her own son. She was shocked to know that he is so much interested with the heath. Sitting on the shade of a tree she starts thinking how to approach Eustacia. After some time she decides to go to the house of Clym. As she arises, she notices another man approaching the gate who seems to be uninvited. She is annoyed at this sight but she finally concludes that a fourth person may relieve the strain of the approaching meeting inside the house, she notices Clym's furzehook and a handful of faggot bonds.

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