The Return of The Native: Book 5, Chapter 2 - Summary & Analysis

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CHAPTER II: A Lurid Light Breaks In Upon a Darkened Understanding


      Although Clym continually thinks of his mother, she recovers somewhat, a month later. Christian arrives there with a news that Thomasin has given birth to a girl. But Wildeve is annoyed to see the girl child and not a boy. From Christian, he also knows that Mrs. Yeobright was on her way to visit Clym on the day of her death. He does not know the purpose behind his mother's visit. Clym asks Christian to find Diggory.

      Two days later Clym decides to go to Blooms-End to put the house in order. The familiarity makes an illusion in him that his mother will come out to meet him. The illusion is however dispelled when he sees that a spider has woven a web tying the door to the frame. He started making the house ready for Eustacia. Then, Venn came there asking about Mrs. Yeobright since he was away and not aware of the death of Mrs. Yeobright. Clym questions him on the happenings of the day before his mother's death. He reveals that she had forgiven him and was planning to pay a visit. He decides to visit Johney Nunsuch to try to fathom the mystery.

      On the next morning he goes to the boy's house. Despite the cold reception, he asks the boy about his mother. The child had not spoken of these things before because of fear. He said that first Clym and another gentleman entered the house. Mrs. Yeobright watched him and then she went to the door and knocked. Then Eustacia looked out of the window, Clym's mother knocked again. But nobody opened the door and so she turned away. The boy accompanied her and she was completely shaken. She went back to Alderworth with a broken heart. Clym gets the truth of what had happened on that day.

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