The Way Gulliver Delighted the Queen at his First Meeting

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      The queen and those who attended her were delighted beyond measure with Gulliver's demeanor as he fell on his knees, and begged the honor of kissing her imperial foot, but the gracious princess held out her little finger towards him after he was set on the table, which he embraced in both his arms, and put the tip of it, with the utmost respect, to his lips. She asked him some general questions about his country and his travels, which he answered as distinctly and in as few words as he could. She asked whether he could be content to live at court and in reply, he bowed down to the board of the table, and answered with modesty that he was his master's slave, but if he were at his own disposal he would be proud to devote his life to her majesty's service. The queen then asked his master whether he was willing to sell him at a good price. His master, the farmer, who apprehended that Gulliver could not live a month, instantly got ready to part with him, and demanded a thousand pieces of gold, which were given to him on the spot.

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