How did Gulliver React to Everything when Reached England?

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      When Gulliver reached England after two years’ stay in the land of the giant creatures of Brobdingnag, he found everything to be very little there. He was amazed at the littleness of the houses, the trees, the cattle, and the people, and began to think himself in Lilliput. He was afraid of trampling on every traveler he met, and therefore, often called aloud to have them stand out of the way. Similarly, when he reached his home, a servant opened the door, and the author bent down to go in for fear of striking his head. When his wife ran out to embrace him; he stooped lower than her knees. He looked down upon the servants and one or two friends who were in the house, as if they had been pygmies and he a giant. He chided his wife for starving herself and her daughters since he found them very thin as his eyes had become accustomed to seeing huge bulks.

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