Describe the Lodging Box that was Built for Gulliver

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      The queen commanded her own cabinet-maker to contrive a box that might serve Gulliver for a bedchamber, after the model that Glumdalclitch and the author should agree upon. The carpenter finished a wooden chamber of sixteen feet square and twelve high, with sash windows, a door, and two closets, like a London bed-chamber. The board that made the ceiling was to be lifted up and down by two hinges, to put in a bed ready furnished by her majesty's upholsterer, which Glumdalclitch took out every day to air, made it with her own hands, and, letting it down at night, locked up the roof over the author. A workman, who was famous for little curiosities, made him two chairs with backs and frames of a substance not unlike ivory, and two tables, with a cabinet to put his things in. The room was quilted on all sides, as well as the floor and the ceiling, to prevent any accident from the carelessness of those who carried him, and to break the force of a jolt when he went in a coach. The smallest lock for the door was made to prevent rats and mice from coming in. The queen ordered the thinnest silks that could be got to make his clothes, not much thicker than an English blanket, and very cumbersome till he grew accustomed to them.

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