Gulliver Never try to Escape from the Slavery of Former

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Why did Gulliver never try to escape from the slavery of the farmer?

      The farmer was using Gulliver in a most inhuman way to earn maximum profits out of his shows. Poor Gulliver had to perform exhaustive shows every day as long as the customers demanded. Although the farmer was well aware of Gulliver's deteriorating health, he was not at all bothered. Instead, he was planning to derive the best profits out of him at the earliest. On the other hand, his daughter was taking utmost pain to provide relief and comfort to her little friend. Gulliver, who had been suffering beyond any measure due to these hectic and draining shows, could not think of running away, since he knew that he could not survive alone in Brobdingnag where even the crawling insects were a hundred times bigger than him. In such a scenario, he did not dare to step out of the farmer's house without an escort. As he did not want to be trampled to death by any giant creature, he never tried to escape from the slavery of the farmer.

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