Gulliver’s Humility & Good Etiquette Always Pay him Well

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How did Gulliver’s humility and good etiquette always pay him well?

      It was Gulliver's humility and good etiquette that helped him save his life many a time during his stay at Brobdingnag. When he was first caught by one of the farmer's men and was put down slowly on the ground, he bowed his head slowly towards the farmer in courtesy and offered him his purse and other things with humility. The farmer and his family were also delighted by his table manners at the time of dinner. Similarly, the way he praised and honored the queen charmed her so much that she bought him from the farmer at his demanded price. On other occasions too, it was Gulliver’s humility and manners that saved him from many adverse situations and brought him many favors.

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