Gulliver's Littleness Make him Feel Helpless in Brobdingnag

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How did Gulliver's littleness make him feel helpless in Brobdingnag?

      When Gulliver was left behind in Brobdingnag, he was caught by a substantial farmer and his men. The farmer enslaved him due to his little size and made enormous profits out of exhibiting him till he was bought by the kind and good-hearted queen of that kingdom. But this could not end his miseries and accidents that he frequently experienced in this kingdom due to the littleness of his body. Sometimes he was chased by the giant-sized rats, dogs or cats. On other occasions, he was attacked by the birds, annoyed by the wasps and flies. Sometimes he would drive them away or cut them into pieces with his sword. Walking on the smooth road was also not an easy task for him for he could not even cross the huge heap of cow dung on his own. He had to protect himself against the hails that were as big as tennis balls and once got injured so badly that he had to be in bed for more than a week. His efforts to save himself were seen as cowardice and it deeply hurt his ego. Although he was well cared for and loved by the royal family, yet his littleness would always make him feel inferior and helpless.

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