Untouchable: Part 9-10-11 (Pages 103-125) - Summary

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Much Coveted and Promised Gift

      Bakha has now to go to the quarter of the Havildar who has promised to give the much-coveted hockey stick. He goes by the side of the regimental quarter guard. The typical hat of Havildar hangs on the wall. The hat seems to be an exotic element and all boys are craving to possess it. But its significance still remains a mystery for them. Bakha knocks at the door and call the man out. Bakha takes a little liberty with Havildar because he is well aware of his sympathy and generosity. He responds to Bakha very politely and asks him to fetch some live charcoals for his hookah. Bakha deems it as a sign of honour because he does not show any touchability complex. So he does obey cheerfully The Havildar gives him tea in his own pot. It is a rare example of generosity and magnanimity among the caste Hindus. Bakha is overwhelmed and makes a pledge to serve him whenever the man requires him. Bakha receives a brand new hockey stick from Charat Singh with an immense sense of gratitude. Lakha does also try the hockey stick. Bakha, with his friends, arrives. Babu’s sons do arrive too. Teams are selected. They play with enthusiasm and display talents precociously. The game upsets and a chaos emerges. Bakha scores a goal but the rival goal keeper gets frustrated and out of frustration hits Bakha on the leg. Soon there is an anarchy in the playground. Babu’s younger son gets injured. Bakha gathers the child in his arms and rushes to his house. To his dismay Bakha is abused and accused of polluting a caste Hindu child in stead of showing his gratefulness. It is an excruciating experience because Bakha does help the child for he considers it his human obligation. He has no lust for material rewards. He is always misunderstood, underestimated and discarded by the caste Hindus except Havildar Charat Singh who admires his essence.

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