Untouchable: Part 12 (Pages 125-131) - Summary

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The Ultimate Affliction

      There is no end to Bakha’s miseries yet. He rebukes him for his insincerity and carelessness in duty Rakha, in his brother’s absence, goes to clean latrines. He feels elated and self-righteous arrogance. Bakha inclines to work but Rakha refuses to give the broom to him and the father commands Bakha not to touch the broom. He compels to leave the house instantly Bakha is quite unable to manage the situation. He is disheartened. He cannot tolerate this fresh humiliation and at once quits the house. It is not a new experience for him. He is used to such humiliations. Bakha becomes cynical about Rakha for he might have poisoned his father’s ear.

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