Untouchable: Part 7-8 (Pages 83-103) - Summary

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Ram Charan’s Sister & Her Wedding

      Bakha, punctuated by a profound reason, is going to Ram Clean’s house although he is an unwanted and uninvited guest at his sister’s wedding. Bakha, once shared a juvenile garrie of marriage with the bride. Later she grows into a voluptuous young beauty that renders Bakha erotic. He is desperate to have a glance of the bride. Ram Char an calls Bakha to condescend sweets but he does not show much interest in sweet as it is expected by Ram Char an. Bakha quits the wedding party and along with his friend he moves towards the hills. Later, he segregates from them because he loves to be alone at the moment. He needs no one’s company. He becomes nostalgic and reminiscent of his childhood and his distinguished character in mock battles. Ultimately he lays flat on the bank of a pool to relieve himself of the persistent nostalgia. There he is traced by his friends. His friends read his melancholy manifest from his face and insist to share his distress and tragedy with them. He narrates heart-rending attempt of sexual assault made on his sister by a hypocrite priest Pundit Kali Nath. They sympathise with him and pledge to abide by him.

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