The Return of The Native: Book 6, Chapter 2 - Summary & Analysis

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CHAPTER II: Thomasin Walks In a Green Place by the Roman Road


      Thomasin, knew that her maid had dropped one of her gloves. One day while she is having a walk meets Diggory and asks him to return her gloves. He keeps it in his breast pocket all the time, he takes it out and gives it to her. She tells him that she had settled all her money on her baby, and that she had kept just enough for herself to live on, in reply to Diggory's opinion that she is rich. Thomasin has a feeling of great awe for his perseverence for he covered his feelings in a practical manner and never betrays any signs of his love or sentiments towards her in the public. After their conversation they often meet on Heath near the old Roman Road.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter is only in the continuation of the sub-plot. We find that Diggory's faithful love is at last reciprocated. The most striking feature is Hardy's use of coincidence in the incident concerning the mystery of the lost glove.

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