The Return of The Native: Book 6, Chapter 1 - Summary & Analysis

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CHAPTER I: The Inevitable Movement Onward


      Wildeve and Eustacia still continue to live in Egdon as their story is told throughout for many weeks and months. Clym allows her and her daughter to live in his own house. Thomasin has intense grief though Wildeve had not been faithful to her. Her chief concern is the future of her child, who is also named Eustacia. Clym is a changed man both physically and mentally after the misfortunes. He believes that he has been ill-treated by fortune.

Changed Appearance of Diggory

      After one year Diggory Venn appears at Clym's house. He is no longer a reddleman. He has washed away the red color given to his skin by the reddle that he has been handling previously and has changed into a gentleman's clothes. He has changed dairy farming which has been his father's trade. He wants to obtain permission from Thomasin for May Pole-Day celebrations close to Clym's house. Thomasin grants him the permission.


      Thomasin is in a mood to attend the May Pole-Day celebrations with Clym, but Clym finds it contrary to his present mood to visit a place of gaiety. Thomasin's maid, however, takes her gloves without her permission and goes to the festival. The maid drops one of the gloves at the fair, and Diggory picks it up.

Critical Analysis

      The events which are following are only about the subsequent happenings which occurred in the life of Diggory and Thomasin. The main plot has already come to an end with the tragedy in the previous chapter.

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