The Return of The Native: Book 6, Chapter 3 - Summary & Analysis

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CHAPTER III: The Serious Discourse of Clym with His Cousin


      Clym is always thinking of his duty towards Thomasin. His mother had wished him to marry Thomasin. Thomasin had already thought about her re-marriage even before Clym could express his intention to Thomasin. She tells Clym about her intention to marry Verm but Clym does not agree. He does not regard Diggory as a suitable husband for his cousin. Thomasin is unhappy about his decision but she keeps her feelings unexpressed. On the very next day she says that Venn is a very respectable man now. Clym's resistance is now weaker and he allows her to fulfill her wishes. The memories of his mother and Eustacia haunt him. He wants to become a preacher and starts a night school.

Critical Analysis

      This chapter also is devoted for the development of the sub-plot. This chapter further analyses the working of the mind of Clym's character.

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