David Copperfield: Chapter 44 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 44: Our Housekeeping

      Dora was inexperienced in housekeeping. This naturally led to disagreements and quarrels among the couple. She was unable to manage the servants and do the other household duties. She was like a child and did not understand her responsibilities. David complained about not getting proper meals. He asked his aunt to intervene and advise Dora but his aunt said that if she meddled in their affairs, it might lead to greater unhappiness. However, David always managed to reconcile and the pair managed to remain happy despite their household problems. Dora was somehow fond of calling her husband 'Dody' and wished he would call her his 'child wife'. Except when David chided her, Dora was on the whole bright and cheerful in her own childish way. She loved David dearly and was very happy with him.

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