David Copperfield: Chapter 43 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 43: Another Retrospect

      David had attained the age of twenty-one and was making a handsome income as a successful parliamentary reporter. He had even begun contributing to the magazines and had become a comparatively prosperous author. He was to be married to Dora very soon.

     Mr. Peggotty passed through the streets quite often. He looked intently at the faces of the wanderers. But David seldom disturbed him at such hours since he knew what his feelings were.

      David was in a very happy state of mind. Agnes and Sophy had arrived in London. They were to act as Dora's bridesmaids. Traddles felt very proud in introducing Sophy to his friends. David's aunt was dressed in lavender silk with a white bonnet and Mr. Dick had his hair curled. Dora looked loving and clutched Agnes's hand and trembled and wept for her father. After much merry making and eating and drinking, David was married to Dora. His dear little wife was after all beside him.

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