David Copperfield: Chapter 42 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 42: Mischief

      Agnes and her father arrived in London to meet Dr. Strong. They were followed by Uriah Heep and his mother. Uriah told David that he wanted to keep close to his beloved Agnes and made a passing reference to the frequent visits of Jack Maldon to Mrs. Strong.

      When Agnes met Dora, they became very friendly. While David was escorting Agnes to her place he saw light in Dr. Strong's study: When he went near the study he heard Uriah Heep telling the Doctor that he always suspected Mrs. Strong of having a weakness for Jack Maldon. This he claimed had been noticed by everyone including David Copperfield. David of course thought to keep quiet. Mr. Wickfield was also present in the room.

      Dr. Strong felt very hurt but merely said that he had done a great injustice to his young wife. He requested all of them never to mention the subject again. After this incident, he was unwell for many days. However, a great change had come in Dr. Strong.

      One day David received a letter from Mrs. Micawber. She had expressed her anxiety at the recent change in her husband. He had grown very secretive and morose. Mrs. Micawber had asked David for advice. David had no idea what to tell her to do. He suggested that she should just stay patient with him. She wanted to know how her husband Mr. Micawber could be brought back to his normal life.

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