David Copperfield: Chapter 45 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 45: Mr. Dick Fulfils My Aunt's Predictions

      Mr. Dick was very devoted to Dr. Strong and his young wife. He felt there was some misunderstanding between the two and wanted to set things right. He discussed this with David Copperfield. Mr. Dick felt that nobody would mind what a poor simpleton like him might say or do.

      One evening David, his aunt and Mr. Dick had assembled at Dr. Strong's house. Mrs. Markleham had also come in. Dr. Strong was busy in his study and Mrs. Strong had been working in the garden. Mr. Dick was trying to help Mrs. Strong in her gardening. Suddenly Mrs. Markleham blurted out that Dr. Strong was making his will with the help of his lawyers. She had heard the Doctor say that she trusted his wife and was leaving everything to her without laying any condition.

      When the lawyers left, Mrs. Strong entered the study along with the others and went down on her knees at the Doctor's feet. She raised her hands appealingly to her husband. Mr. Dick came to her aid and asked the Doctors if there was anything wrong. Then Mrs. Strong begged her husband to explain what had come between them. Doctor Strong said that he still loved his wife fervently and that the fault was actually his alone. Ultimately, David Copperfield decided to speak out. He explained all that had transpired between the wicked Uriah and Doctor Strong. On hearing this Mrs. Strong kissed her husband's hand. She owned up that she had been fond of Maldon as a child but if she had married him her life would have been miserable. She expressed her opinion there was no disparity in marriage like the unsuitability of mind and purpose. She said that she had been ashamed and grieved by some of the words spoken by Maldon to her on the eve of his departure to India. She felt these words should never have been uttered. This confession led to a complete reconciliation between Dr. Strong and his wife. Miss Betsey remarked that Mr. Dick was truly a remarkable man.

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