Gallery of Female Characters in David Copperfield

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Mrs. Clara Copperfield, the mother of David Copperfield.

Mrs. Creakle, a quiet woman, is ill-treated by her husband.

Miss Creakle, daughter of the preceding.

Mrs. Crewler, wife of the Rev. Horace Crewler.

The Misses Caroline, Louisa, Lucy, Margaret, Sarah, and Sophy Crewler, daughters of Mrs. Crewler.

Mrs. Crupp, a stout woman, who lets furnished rooms.

Rosa Dartle, a lady living with Mrs. Steerforth as companion.

Little Emily, the niece and adopted daughter of Mr. Peggotty

Martha Endell, a young woman, of evil reputation.

Mrs. Gummidge, the widow of Mr. Peggotty's partner.

Mrs. Heep, a widow; the mother of Uriah Heep.

Mrs. Markleham, the mother of Mrs. Annie Strong.

Mrs. Emma Micawber, the wife of Mr. Micawber.

Miss Emma Micawber, her daughter.

Miss Julia Mills, bosom-friend of Dora Spenlow.

Miss Mowcher, a dwarf.

Miss Jane Murdstone, sister to Edward Murdstone.

Minnie Omer, daughter of Mr. Omer; a pretty, good natured girl.

Clara Peggotty, servant of Mrs. Copperfield, a nurse and a friend to David.

Miss Clarissa Spenlow, the elder of two maiden sisters of Mr. Spenlow.

Miss Dora Spenlow, the only daughter of Mr. Spenlow; a timid' sensitive, artless little beauty, afterward the 'child-wife' of David Copperfield.

Miss Lavinia Spenlow, the sister of Miss Clarissa Spenlow.

Mrs. Steerforth, mother of James Steerforth.

Mrs. Annie Strong, the wife of Dr. Strong.

Miss Betsey Trotwood, an austere but kind-hearted lady; the great aunt of David Copperfield.

Allies Wickfield, daughter and housekeeper of Mr. Wickfield. Later,
marries David.

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