Gallery of Male Characters in David Copperfield

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David Copperfield, the hero of the story.
Mr. Barkis, a carrier.

Mr. Chillip, a doctor; a soft-natured little man.

Richard Babley ("Mr. Dick"), a harmless lunatic.

Mr. Creakle, an ignorant and ferocious headmaster.

The Rev. Horace Crewler, a poor Devonshire clergyman.

Uriah Heep, a clerk in the office of Mr. Wickfield.

Mr. Jordan, the partner and son-in-law of Mr. Omer, the undertaker.

Mr. Jorkins, a partner of Mr. Spenlow.
Littimer, a confidential servant of James Steerforth.

Jack Maldon, is an idle, bold handsome, needy libertine.

Mr. Charles Mell, a school master at Mr. Creakle's school.

Mr. Wilkins Micawber, a jaunty, grandiloquent, recklessly good-natured, improvident man.

Master Wilkins Micaiuber, his eldest son.

Mr. Mills, the father of Julia Mills.

Mr. Edward Murdstone, the stepfather of David Copperfield.

Mr. Omer, draper, tailor, undertaker, etc. at Yarmouth

Daniel Peggotty, is a rough but kind-hearted fisherman.

Ham Peggotty, a boatman, boatbuilder, a fisherman; nephew to Daniel Peggotty.

Mr. Quinion, chief manager at Murdstone and Grinby's warehouse.

Mr. Francis Spenlow, one of the partners in the firm of Spenlow and Jorkins; is the father of Dora Spenlow.

James Steerforth, a young man of great personal attractions and engaging manners; formerly a school friend of David Copperfield. Ruins Little Emily.

Dr. Strong, an amiable old gentleman, master of a school at Canterbury.

Mr. Triffery, an old clerk in the office of Messrs Spenlow and Jorkins.

Thomas Traddles, a schoolmate and friend of David Copperfield.

Mr. Wickfield, a lawyer at Canterbury.

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