David Copperfield: Chapter 50 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 50: Mr. Peggotty's Dream Comes True

      David had begun to believe that Emily was dead. However, Martha had asked Mr. Peggotty to tell David not to leave London. A fortnight or so had passed when, suddenly one day, Martha appeared at David's residence and asked him to accompany her since Mr. Peggotty was not at home. She had left a letter for Mr. Peggotty at his residence.

      Martha took David to a dark street in Golden Square where poor lodging was left. People were looking at them with curiosity but without paying any heed to them she took David to the top story of one of the houses. A woman paused at a door and then entered it. It was Rosa Dartle. Martha directed David to a garret which was at the side of the room Rosa had entered. The door between the two rooms was open. David heard Rosa talking to a woman whom he recognized as Emily.

      There was hatred and scorn in Rosa's voice towards Emily. The poor creature requested Rosa to spare her. She told Rosa that actually she loved Steerforth but was deceived in his love. But the other woman rushed towards Emily and attacked her, saying that she should be whipped to death. In the meantime, Mr. Peggotty arrived and rushed into the room. Thus Emily was saved from the tyranny of Rosa. She cried out "Uncle!” and fainted in Mr. Peggotty's arms.

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