David Copperfield: Chapter 49 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 49: I Am Involved in Mystery

      Mr. Micawber had written a letter to David Copperfield asking him to come with Traddles at the south wall of the King's Bench Prison at seven in the evening, the day after next. Traddles also had received a letter from Mrs. Micawber. She had asked him to meet her husband and find out what was troubling him.

      When David and Traddles met Mr. Micawber near the King's Bench Prison, they found him confused and less gentle than in the past. There was something in his mind which agitated him. So they persuaded him to come to the cottage of Miss Betsey Trotwood. Mr. Dick and David's aunt welcomed him and asked what was troubling him. Mr. Micawber's pent-up feelings came gushing out. He said in his high-flown manner that Uriah Heep was practicing villainy, fraud and conspiracy: Mr. Micawber asked all of them to be present at Canterbury that day next week. And then he left in a hurry. Later on, he sent to them a note, reminding them of their appointment at Canterbury:

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