David Copperfield: Chapter 48 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 48: Domestic

      On the success of his first book, David gave up reporting the debates in Parliament and give his full attention to writing. Dora was as usual inefficient at household affairs. She felt offended at little things. Ultimately, she gave up housekeeping as a bad job. He, therefore, decided to educate Dorazs mind and to talk to her on different subjects. But he turned out to be unsuccessful. So he settled down to accepting his child wife as she was and stopped trying to change her natural self. Instead, he tried to adapt himself to her. Thus they were able to live happily once again.

      But his happiness was not to last for long. Dora became weaker in the second year of her marriage. She became pregnant but the baby could not live and died at birth. She became more weaker day by day and could not walk or run. Very soon Dora began to lose her strength. Now David had to carry her downstairs every morning and upstairs every night. After that, she did not regain her health. Her health kept falling. Her favorite dog Jip too was growing old.

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