David Copperfield: Chapter 47 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 47: Martha

      After following Martha to Westminister, Mr. Peggotty and David Copperfield met her in the waterside street near Millbank, Martha stood still, gazing at the water. She appeared like a sleepwalker and her manner was wild. David got hold of her arm but she desperately tried to free herself. Anyhow, Mr. Peggotty and David succeeded in carrying her away from the water. She sobbed and cried. David tried to make her quiet and then asked her for help in their search for Emily. They told her that they had complete trust in her. Finally, Martha agreed to work wholeheartedly and help them to find Emily. She, however; refused to accept any money. David gave Mr. Peggotty's and his own address to her.

      David reached home after midnight. He was taken by surprise at seeing a man at the door of his aunt's cottage busy eating and drinking in the garden. Just then his aunt came out and gave him some money as well. He did not seem to be pleased with the amount and demanded more but Miss Betsey told him that she had no more money. After the man had left David asked his aunt about him. She told him that he was her husband and that, he had broken her fortune as well as her heart. She had parted company with him after having made generous provision for him but it seemed he had wasted whatever she had given him.

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