David Copperfield: Chapter 51 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 51: The Beginning of a Longer Journey

      The next day Mr. Peggotty visited David Copperfield early in the morning and told him how Emily had reached London. After Steerforth had left her in Littimer's custody, Emily escaped and ran along the beach for miles. A fisherman's wife had given her shelter on finding her lying on the shore. From there, after recovering from her illness. She had traveled to Leghorn, France and then to England. She was in London that Martha found her and informed David, thus saving her from further suffering.

      During Emily's recovery it was decided that Mr. Peggotty should take Emily to Australia, which she would be free of her past. David went to meet Ham and Peggotty before their departure. Ham had forgiven Emily and wanted her to know that. He also felt that he would not be able to meet Mr. Peggotty again and expressed his thanks and sense of duty to the old man. Mrs. Gummidge was also accompanying Mr. Peggotty to Australia.

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