David Copperfield: Chapter 33 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 33: Blissful

      David Copperfield took Peggotty's affairs into his own hands and soon got everything in order. The will of Mr. Barkis was proved and settled. He then took Peggotty to the office to pay her bill. He was informed that Mr. Spenlow had just gone out and would be back in a short while. When Mr. Spenlow returned he was accompanied by Mr. Murdstone. They had gone to get a marriage license for Mr. Murdstone. Mr. Murdstone was engaged to marry a beautiful and wealthy young lady.

      David was still madly in love with Dora. When he met her on her birthday, she told David that Miss Murdstone had gone to her marriage. She was expected to be away for about three weeks. In her place, Dora now had her bosom friend Miss Mills with her. When David was returning home after the party, Miss Mills told him that Dora would be staying with her for sometime. She invited David to visit them there. One day he visited them at Miss Mill's house and finally burst forth with his feelings. He showed his great passion for her. Then he got engaged to Dora.

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