David Copperfield: Chapter 34 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 34: My Aunt Astonishes Me

      Very soon Dora and David were engaged. David wrote to Agnes, informing her about his engagement and also about Emily's elopement.

      One day Traddles visited him. From him, David came to know that Mr. Micawber had changed his name to Mortimer so as to avoid his creditors. He was in heavy debt. Seeing Mrs. Micawber in a dreadful state Traddles had put his signature on a second bill for Mr. Micwber. Just when everything seemed to be settled, another execution came through and the broker carried off Traddles's round table with the marble top and Sophy's flower pot and the stand as well. These articles were now on sale in the broker's shop. Since the broker would raise the price if Traddies went himself, he wanted David to ask Peggotty to buy them for him at a reasonable price. David promised to help him on the condition that henceforth he would not lend his name or anything else to Mr. Micawber. After some haggling, Peggotty was able to get the things from the broker on fairly easy terms. Traddles was glad to get his things back.

      On their return from the broker's shop, David was surprised to find his aunt and Mr. Dick at his house. Miss Betsey was sitting on a huge pile of luggage with her two birds in front of her and her cat on her knee. Mr. Dick was leaning on a large kite and seemed to be in a very thoughtful mood. Miss Betsey Trotwood told David that she had been ruined. She had left Janet behind so that she would be let out of the cottage. These were all the property she had left with her. However, Miss Betsey was not shaken. She was ready to meet reverses boldly and not be frightened by them. She was ready to act the play out.

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