David Copperfield: Chapter 32 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 32: The Beginning of a Long Journey

      Mr. Peggotty and David were to leave the next morning in search of Emily. A candle was to be left burning at the window every evening and night in case Emily should turn up. David was sitting near the kitchen fire when a knock was heard on the door. Miss Mowcher entered with a great umbrella. She seemed to be very upset. She said that she had been deceived by Littimer in passing on a letter to Emily. Two nights earlier she had got a certain news which made her suspicious but she managed to come to Yarmouth when it was too late and she could be of no use. However, she promised to help in tracing out Emily.

      The next morning David returned to London in the company of Peggotty and Mr. Peggotty. Ham told David that all his earnings were at the disposal of Mr. Peggotty if he asked for that.

      On reaching London, David and Mr. Peggotty paid a visit to Mrs. Steerforth. She was aware of her son's doings, but she flatly denied any possibilities of her son marrying Emily and making a lady out of her. She felt that Emily was uneducated and ignorant and far below him. She was sure that her son would not like to disgrace himself by marrying her.

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