David Copperfield: Chapter 26 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 26: I Fall Into Captivity

      David Copperfield went with Agnes to the Coach House to see her off. She was returning to Canterbury. Uriah Heep was also returning on the same Mail. However, David had some satisfaction that Agnes was sitting inside while Uriah was sitting on the back seat of the roof.

      By this time David had been articled to Messrs Spenlow and Jorkins. After a month Mr. Spenlow invited him to spend a weekend at his house. Mr. Spenlow was a widower with just one daughter who had recently come back from Paris after finishing her studies. As soon as David saw Dora, he fell madly in love with her. Dora had a 'confidential friend' to take care of her. She happened to be no other person than Miss Murdstone. Fortunately, David was not asked to explain how he had come to know Miss Murdstone.

      The next morning David woke up early. He met Dora in the garden and paid her a few compliments in a clumsy manner. Jip, her dog, seemed to be jealous of David and started barking. Dora seemed to be very fond of Jip. She told David that Miss Murdstone was a tiresome guardian. Very soon Miss Murdstone found them there and asked them to go and get their breakfast.

      David came back to Dora's house again on Monday. For weeks he dreamt of her and walked for miles, hoping to see her.

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