David Copperfield: Chapter 25 - Critical Summary

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Chapter 25: Good and Bad Angels

      David received a letter from his good angel, Agnes, informing him that she was staying at the house of Mr. Water brook, an agent of her father. She had asked him to come over at four o'clock in the afternoon to discuss some important matter. At their meeting, Agnes cautioned David against his bad angel Steerforth. However, David felt that she had misunderstood Steerforth altogether. He begged forgiveness from Agnes for his behavior at the theatre. Agnes made him promise that he would tell her whenever he fell in love or was in trouble.

      They had talked for sometime. Then Agnes informed David that Uriah Heep was going to become a partner in her father's business. She was worried about this account because Uriah was taking advantage of her father's dependence on him. Later, Uriah also confided to David about his intention to become Wickfield's partner and to marry Agnes. This thought was very painful to David and he kept thinking as to how he could help them.
At Mr. Waterbrook's house, David met his old friend Traddles as well. He was now reading for the bar- i.e., he was studying to be a lawyer.

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